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11:35am 08-15-2016
I was stationed at the signal depot near Saumur from 1952 to 1955 with my husband then Lt. Harold B. Ross. I am probably the oldest in your guest book. I did remember all of the Americans there but have never had any contact. Major Harold B. Ross resides in Rapid City SD and is now 92 years old. We lived on Marchel Le Clerc in Saumur from 1952 to 1955. I now live in Tacoma, WA. Would love to hear from families of any of these fellow Americans. Wonderful memories from those years.
8:26pm 07-20-2016
I was a dependent in Saumur 1962-63, 8th grade then a few months at Poiters HS before moving to West Berlin. Miss Krum was our prinicpal and also taught combined 7th/8th grades...very small school! My parents were Don and Dottie Drach.
11:11am 07-20-2016

From a former Army dependent who lived there 1962-1965, thanks for keeping a happy memory alive!
5:13pm 06-27-2016
As always our good friend Julian step up and took the job of continuing this great site. Thanks to Ed for his great work in putting this all together. And THANK YOU JULIAN for taking it over.
3:37pm 06-27-2016
4:05am 04-24-2016
I met Sfc Lowell N. Cobbs from august 1955 to august 1957. I was french Lwr (Clerk) in Depot Property, my surname was "Pedro". I met Sgt Cline - Sp3 Joe Estridge - Sgt Deck and Pfc Don Norellie. I have good recollection from the times spendt here.
5:23pm 09-12-2015
I was stationed @ Saumur in 1959. I worked @ montrebeille post signal. I was friends with Joe Kelly, Greg Strom and Fred Schmidt.
4:12pm 07-15-2015
Just discovered this website {07/15/15) savoring every picture. arrived Dec of 1953 Departed Nov of 1955. First night quarted inthe chateau where I first met up with the legendaey sgts; Early and Eisenhower. It was dark and stormy night
8:16am 06-23-2015
Was stationed there between 58/60.Worked for Mr.Sheeler & Sgt. Fields
5:57pm 04-07-2015
i miss the school and chateau, left Oct by mats in Paris.7794 au.
1:49pm 03-10-2015
this is a great site, very organized. I was stationed in vitry the 77th medical depot. would like to start something like this site; any help thanks
2:00pm 03-07-2015
There used to be a picture of my husband James B. Burghard and myself posted on this website from the Gettysburg reunion. I am looking to obtain a copy. If you could track this down for me and e-mail it to me I would greatly appreciate.

He has since passed away April 28, 2012.
8:45pm 02-21-2015
I was stationed in Saumur in 1957 and 1958. I was transfered there from Croix Chapeau.I was in France for 31 months.
4:46pm 02-18-2015
Hello, I found this site while researching for a book I'm writing about my time as an Army Brat in Verdun - 1963. My Dad was CWO Dirk Hoogland - Engineer - probably connected to the motor pool. We arrived in Verdun via the USS Rose that docked in Bremerhaven. I was in third grade and went to a base school but lived in a small village somewhere far enough away that I was one of the last off the school bus. (My teacher was Mr. Woodward - one of the few details I remember.) - I met a friend on the ship over from the US who ended up in my class - both of us joining class after the beginning of the school year. (Such a common event for us brats!) Her father was in charge of the Officer's Club and I'm not even sure if he was in the military. - What I'm really looking for is the name of the village where we lived. I can visualize it perfectly and could describe it in detail if that would help someone come up with any ideas. There were a few other Americans in the town. We had half of an older French couple's house. Their names were Maurice & Nini. He had an apple orchard and woodworking shop in the back of their home (I still have a cutting board he made us.) He was also a piano tuner. They babysat me quite a bit which left me with a ton of memories of the local culture, customs and attitudes. (Especially toward Americans - many folks in the town wouldn't let their kids play with me while others were very open and friendly.) - Maurice & Nini's house was one of the first on the left as you entered town. My room had a balcony on the second floor overlooking the road that wound its way through the hills into town. - My dad (Dirk Hoogland) was 6'6" and if his height didn't make him memorable, his sense of humor and undaunted ability to party whenever possible might jostle some memories. - I almost hate to mention my mother's name, as she was also memorable - from the letters I've found - there were a lot of wives that weren't happy with her. (Her name was Dean and she left my father and me while we were living there.) We left in '65 during the big "ousting," moving to Mannheim Germany (Benjamin Franklin Village) where we stayed until 1967. Can anyone connect with anything I've written here? I know the military was "family" for so many of us and I wish I'd have started this search earlier before so many passed away. Thanks for letting me splash these thoughts all over your site. And thank you, Mr. Groelle for putting this together. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. My facebook page is Amanda Hoogland Garretson for another way to connect.
8:41am 12-27-2014
been chief cook for 313 th signal company nco club with roddenburry my chief like to have new's from patrick benett....
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