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8:16pm 06-11-2018
bill. Christoff
Was in ssd. 3/55 thru. 6/57 .just noticed in legion magazine ref re union. This week6/10-14/18. Too late to attend. Would appreciTe e-mail with others who served during this period.
7:44am 05-20-2018
David hughes
My father was master Seargent Lloyd (bill) Hughes. Our family was stationed at Saumur from the fall of 1960 through 1963. I was only a newborn at the time but last summer I had the chance to visit the old signal depot and got to take a tour of the place the Officers Club is now a Day Care center and has been combined with the bowling alley. I would be happy to share photos or discuss my visit if anyone has interest you can email me. Would love to hear any stories from anyone who might have known my dad.

David Hughes
3:52pm 01-23-2018
Marie Stewart
How do I find the full history back .I was working at Saumur Signal Depot from 57 to 59 when I came to the States .
4:44pm 01-07-2018
Richard Miller
Thanks Richard I was trying to get a hold of him for our reunion in June
3:54pm 12-09-2017
Richaard Brooks
I have some sad news. Joe Wilhelmy passed away December 3, 2017. He will be missed.
7:17am 12-02-2017
My dad served with this unit between the years of 1958-1966. His name was SSG John Gonzales. He died in 1982 but would love to hear more about his unit. He met my mom there in Saumur, Nicole Baudouin Gonzales. This place will always be special to me and my family. Thank you to all who work and maintain this site.
11:57am 07-11-2017
Joe Breen
served from 1953 to1955. I seem to remember working for a capt Ross?
1:24pm 06-17-2017
John Woodward
I want to thank Julian Garcia for posting the pictures I sent him. To view them, click on my name on the home page. They depict the 510th Signal Company (B/M) at Saumur and of the depot as we saw it, tents, Quonset huts, mud and all. I hope some of the 510th personnel see the pics and that it brings back (fond) memories.
1:16pm 06-06-2017
John Woodward
Woodward checking in. I was stationed at the USAGD Saumur from Oct 1961 to Sept 1962. My Unit, the 510th Signal Company (B/M), came from Tobyhanna Signal Depot in PA when the Berlin Wall went up. We came over on the USNS Buckner landing at Cherbourg on October 10th. We were billeted in a warehouse, then a tent city designated “Camp Myth” by the troops and then in Quonset Huts. Depot Commander was Col. Elmer M. Schaudt. Company commander was Capt J E Fitzmorris. Officers were Lt Krivitski, Lt Woodward, Lt Bellafato, Lt Grace, and Lt Robinson. WO’s included Boylan, Kelly, Jones, and Lehman. NCO’s included MSGT May, SGT Okupski, SGT Willis, SGT Franko, SGT Graham, and others.
My tour of duty ended in Sept 1962. I left Orly Field, Paris, on a MATS flight landing at McGuire AFB near Fort Dix, NJ, after an unscheduled fuel stop in Goose Bay Labrador. Lots of fond memories.
9:27pm 04-16-2017
Robert H Fleming
I just found this site by accident. I was stationed with the 510th signal compay at the depot at Montreuil Bellay from Labor Day weekend of 1962 until the last week of August 1963. I stepped off of the USS Gordon at the Brooklyn Army Terminal Sept 3,1963. Charlie Degaule had booted the US Army out of France and the 510th was disbanded. A Warrant Officer that didn't even know was in the 510th brought the company colors back to some depot in Eastern PA where they had been stationed before the Berlin Crisis. My friends and neighbors had volunteered me and so my time was up.I arrived at the depot on Labor day weekend 1962 and I left the last week of August 1963.
This site sure brings back a lot of memories.
Thanks again,
10:36pm 01-12-2017
This is great I have some items you may at add that have been removed aoh
8:36pm 12-15-2016
Marilyn D. Wahl
Just took a trip down memory lane and oh how sweet it was, thank you for putting all this together. I didn't return to SSD and sure wish I would have. My first baby was born while in Saumur, he was born in Chinon hospital my husband Dick was out in the field playing war games so I was driven by military auto to the hospital, Dick didn't see our son til the next day. Young and nieve I just did what I had to do, no complaints. I was alone with my baby at age 19. I cherish my stay in Saumur, was a great experience. Wouldn't change it. (1957)
4:18pm 11-15-2016
Jerome Ackerman
Bracone, Poitier, In grandes, La Rochelle, Fontinac< Busac.
US Army bases during the 1950's.
What is going on there now?
7:58pm 10-16-2016
Heinz Bachmann
I was the supply Clerk and Armorer
1956-1958 under Sergeant First Class Hoover
I lived of Base with my Wife Linde
same Bldg as the Clines
4:25pm 10-13-2016
Jim Kemp
Great job Julian! Thanks for all your efforts to support this great work!
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